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New Emigration


Our e-book offers useful items of advice and encouragement to those who would like to start a new life abroad but have a lot of questions weighing on their minds which they cannot ask anybody.

It is through our own story that we would like to show that if you have a dream, act for it and believe in it, it will come true. We started a brand new life at the age of 40 and we think anyone can do the same.

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Timothy Time

If I want to give a short answer to the question of why I have moved abroad I would answer with the word uncertainty of living. At the age of 38, with a 17-year-old child, an apartment, a car and a diploma, I left behind a 5-year relationship that had already ended and 10 years of employment. As for this latter, the commercial company that I worked for had suddenly been closed down. Those who gone trough this experience know that when it happens to you, you think it is the end of the world. You have been cheated, humiliated... I took a deep breath (a very deep one!) and put all the money on the start of my new life that I had received in recognition of my 10 years of work (severance pay). I knew it was my fate! I did believe that I would succeed!

I soon found myself in the middle of my new life. The best things were the benevolence and helpfulness that I experienced from people. Just one of the many examples: I was almost frightened when I first had to go to an office to do paperwork! My knowledge of the language was very poor and what I knew was not enough in the situation: to get the licence to work and live abroad. I worried in vain! Not only did the administrator help me complete the forms but she almost apologised for not understanding everything I was saying because of my accent...


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